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Shattered Gate

is a third person steampunk action adventure set in a fictive world where energy trapped in natural crystals empowers various kinds of machinery. The player takes the role of John, a treasure hunter who explores a mountain in search for valuables and gets trapped in a system of caves beyond the surface. With no way left but forward and no tool at hand except John´s prosthetic right arm, which is upgraded with several useful gadgets, the player faces the perils of the dark caves as well as a hostile presence of mysterious beings made of crystal and stone.    

Quick facts

Occasion Student project (4th semester)
Project goal Game prototype
Duration 5 months
Team size 6
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platform PC
My tasks Concept art, character modeling and animation, vfx, blueprint scripting

Concept art

I created concept art for the game´s environment and enemies.

Character modeling and animation

I modeled, textured and animated the game´s main character with exception of the face normal map.


I made the visual effects of the game using the Unreal Cascade particle system and utilized material effects like refraction as well as spritesheet animation and GPU particles with custom vector fields. Time driven vertex offset was used in the plant material to achieve ambient movement.

Blueprint scripting

I used Unreals´s Blueprints Visual Scripting system to implement animations and effects. Additionally I supported our programmers at various other occasions in the course of the project.