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ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival

is a realtime-strategy game set in a distant sector of space in the far future. The player is tasked to establish hegemony over an opposing force, given only a small fleet of spaceships to start with. He is required to search and colonize uninhabitated planetary systems to mine for resources, build infrastructures and empower his own fleets, with the ultimate goal to confront and overcome his oppenent´s forces in tactical combat.

Quick facts

Occasion Student project (2nd semester)
Project goal Game prototype
Duration 5 months
Team size 3
Engine Unity 4
Platform PC
My tasks Visual design, programming

Visual design and programming

Being the only artist in the project team, I was solely responsible for design and production of all the game´s visual elements except for the planet graphics.

Along the game´s visual development I utilized C# to create a custom interface system and an endlessly repeating 2D background with integrated parallax movement. Furthermore I wrote a major part of the gameplay code.